Everyone wants to set up an Anime Club

9 09 2007

Yeah, they seriously do.

So far I’ve seen Vr-Zone, XedoDefense, and SgCafe members talking about setting up a library of Anime DVDs for rental, or mass screenings in a private location and even a Non-profit organisation .

Problem is, everything needs licenses to be done, from what I know.

Screening anime(copyrighted material) needs the consent of the copyright holders, which means if they’re going to be using Odex material, they would need Odex’s consent. If they were going to use fansubs then it would mean they were confessing to possessing illegal copies of copyrighted material.

Creating a rental service would mean that the people who set it up would need to pay for at least three items.

1. Video/Rental License.
2. Warehouse/Shop space.
3. The material that is going to be rented.

I’m all for lending my support, but it needs to get off the ground with a clear vision and people who are willing to put time and money into making it grow.

I also went to a Popular outlet yesterday, and the entire Graphic Novel/Manga sections was tidied up. Or more like, they removed all the Graphic Novels(those from DC/Marvel/IMAGE) and brought in Del Rey’s translations.

Which is kind of moot considering that most of the titles are the same, albeit in different packaging, and in way different prices. A Del Rey translated volume of Negima! costs $17.90, while Chuang Yi’s volume titled under the name Magister Negi Magi costs $7.90. I’m not sure about paper quality and so on, but I’m not going to buy it since it’s just too expensive.
I always thought Del Rey was higher class since I only ever saw their titles in Kinokuniya.

The main arc of Tours has ended, and it’s a bittersweet feeling. To have seen and understood the Tours pages was wonderful, but to think of the time waiting for the next Tours..




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9 09 2007

Well, you don’t need to start a club to watch videos together 🙂

You can start with a bring-a-friend anime marathon party or something. Perhaps, something anime fans can do from the comfort of a living room, bringing snacks and drinks to share.

Damn. I am starting to sound like advocating an anime Commune….

9 09 2007

Anime marathon ftw~~~

Which reminds me of a ‘promise’ I’ve yet to fulfil to one friend of mine… =X

13 09 2007

Del Rey cost more, but that’s because they’re in English right? Well, not everyone reads chinese. Even Malays/Indians/Eurasians reads manga. Its a multi-racial society!

14 09 2007

Well, I’m talking about the Chuang Yi english translations since that’s the only language I can remotely read well in. 😛
So Del Rey English translation is $10 more than Chuang Yi English translation for the same titles.

14 09 2007

Oh Chuang Yi does English too?
I’m quite new to chuangyi’s mangas lol.
*Runs and hide head*

16 09 2007

but my friend who reads both cy and other translations like VIZ, etc, thinks that CY translation sucks. this im not pretty sure =PP

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