End to the Odex saga?

4 09 2007

I won’t say much about this, since Zer0, Darkmirage, Riuva and Ferolare did so.

Odex’s new Video On Demand service.

Tiny Red Man provided the screenshots, I’ll provide some of the answers.

The downloaded episode is available for 7 days.
It is in WMA format, DRM enabled, so you need to have IE 6 and WMP 9 or above to play it. The DRM license can’t be used/accessed after 7 days so basically your file is useless and you have to delete it manually.

Oh yeah, and the filesize is 300+MB per episode. Download speeds are quite fast, I got up to 700KB/s and someone on the xedodefense.org forums got up to 2000kb/s. I don’t expect the speed to maintain as such a high level after some time though.

Prepaid cards might be coming out, but I expect Odex to stick to Credit Card, Paypal and other forms of online payments for VOD.

Nobody has credited me for the non-backlog letter sending! Alright, maybe Odex might already have planned everything in advance, but I brought it up here, and here.

Started Sep 01 007, and with 2216 views and 88 replies, the Crackdown on Downloaders issue is the most discussed thread.

And god, I have school at 8.30am tomorrow and it’s already 1.45AM. Somebody save me.




3 responses

5 09 2007

lol need to review new article.. today strait times =P

13 09 2007

I did a review on the site as well! Though its when it just re-opened.
And what article’s on the straits times? I don’t read the papers lol…

14 09 2007

Seems that zenical was referring to the Odex extends olive branch article..IMHO, the article was just rehashing the “Odex” points.

I’ll check out your review. 😉

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