Shipment arrived at the door ^.^

1 09 2007

*Does the happy dance even though I’m broke for the next month or so*

And the packaging is so much better than the ones you see at Comics Connection!

Major beef though, lucky the box had Styrofoam + air bubble, or else it would’ve been squashed by the deliveryman trying to squeeze it through the gate. -_-.. Stupid guy..

Pictures, UP!

Click to see them in bigger size.

See? It’s squished!

I feel like selling the Saber figurine though. xD It was an impulsive buy, and damnit I don’t want to ruin the entire thing by opening it(and I want to buy Viola in a swimsuit). So if anyone wants to me at digigatou[at]gmail[.]com



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4 09 2007

It fascinates me when fangirls collect figures meant for male otakus. and i amaze myself when i drool over lamento figures….

4 09 2007

Lamento figures?
I’m actually new to the scene and my real obsession is in the Mai Hime/Otome series, so I don’t know why I even bought it. *facepalm*

Maybe I can pretend Saber is Clare with her hair up. *daydreams*

4 09 2007

mehhh.. good looking stuff there!!!

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