Selling anime figurines – Natsuki Kruger 1/8, Black Saber [Extremely Rare items]

7 03 2010

I’m in dire need of cash, and these figurines have been left untouched for so long I thought I’d put them up for sale to a better home.

Mai Otome Vol.5 Natsuki Kruger Master Lobe Ver. (PVC Figure) by Atelier Sai

– Unopened.
– 1/10
– 18 points of articulation
– Replaceable arms/weapons.

This Natsuki Kuga figurine has been out of stock/out of print for around 4 years now, and had a limited run when it was first released. It retails at around 75SGD, but I’m selling it for 60SGD.
Note: the box is rather dented, but it has not been opened before.

Fate/Stay Night Revoltech Pre-Painted PVC Action Figure – Black Saber by Alter

– Size: 145mm
– Sculpted by Enoki Tomohide
– 14 points of articulation with exchangable face-mask and two swords.

This is another figure that has been out of stock/out of print for quite some time too, 3 years, to be exact. It’s also a limited edition figurine.

Selling it for 40SGD.

Selling both together for SGD95.

Everything is COD. Please email me for further details/confirmation at digigatou[at]gmaildotcom, comment here with your email.

Revisiting anime

12 02 2010

Hi guys. I haven’t updated this blog in more than a year, and I apologise for, if anyone still visits.

I fell out of the anime blogosphere, and lost touch with my otaku self…  until a few friends kicked sense into me. I’ve been looking for various ways to watch anime online, seeing as how Crunchyroll has turned legit and removed all their series, and limited access except to paying users and certain countries.

The various series I’m looking for?

Gurren Lagann, Naruto and Bleach.

After much searching I’ve found a few sites, so let me just link to them, as a personal reminder and also reference to anyone reading this blog.

Gurren Lagann on Animax Asia

Bleach the Anime

Naruto the Anime

Thank you for your time, and I hope this post has helped you. 🙂

The (Not So) Great Aggregate post

23 01 2009

Seeing as how I’ve been rotting in real life as well as in otakudom, I figured I’d go on a commenting spree today.

Mostly, it’s just jubilation over Mizuki Nana’s No.1 spot on the Oricon charts, one ranking that’s well deserved. Shin Ai is a wonderful song, despite the simplicity. Or perhaps the simplicity is the charm. In any case, when Agematsu Mika and Mizuki Nana team up, the result will always be wonderful.

There are also the new Nanoha figures that will be getting releases soon, like the Alter Subaru(covered at Zotaku), and Alter Fate in Shin Sonic Form. I must be retarded not to know that about the Fate release earlier, considering the news came out around November. Oh wait, I was too busy trying to cram years of subjects into my head within a month. Damn exams.

May’n STREET was also released on the same date as Shin Ai. I still haven’t heard the album yet, but I’m skipping straight ahead to Lion -May’n version- first. XD

LaMB  has been getting lots and lots of publicity as the air date looms closer – Yahoo!answers contest, Blogger’s contest, and even product placement by famed designer Vivienne Tam – which I think marks a positive change for anime merchandising(of a sort), rather than just figurine and plushies.

Well, that’s a lot of tags for now. I’ll go watch WHITE ALBUM now.

ANN Review of R1 Nanoha boxset

16 12 2008

ANN reviewed the MGLN R1 release here. Fans of the show will probably go “OMG RAGE RAGE RAGE” while non-fans will probably go “OMG What kind of sick crap is this show?!”.

The discussion thread arising from this article was pretty much the funniest part of the entire thing. Lots of arguing and whatnot, but it effectively got ended by this user review, and BAM, not two pages later, Zac(not Efron) locks it. XD

Personally I thought the reviewer for ANN was overly harsh in this supposedly impartial review for the Nanoha boxset.

Add to that his skin-crawling lolicon fan-service—which includes a brutal whipping in which eight-year-old Fate’s clothes are flayed from her body as she hangs trussed from a rope—and the series is pretty grim going.

That’s just sick, I mean, who the hell goes “YAY FATE ABUSE FOR MY S&M JOLLIES FAP FAP FAP FAP”? Everyone whom I know has watched Nanoha(and I know of quite a lot of them) have all thought Precia was a right bitch and couldn’t wait for her to be killed. I sure did.

And I’m pretty sure none of them thought of the scene as mere fan-service, but more of a scene which furthers the plot and gives viewers more insight into what exactly Fate’s motivations for collecting the Jewel Seeds are.

This is also pretty much the only scene that has such child abuse in the series, so I don’t get how the going is grim either. Of course, episodes 10 to 12 are pretty harsh, but not on that level. Not to mention the transformations, which I skip over every time too.

I also saw a clip(spoilers for Ep 12) kindly uploaded by Fate’s English VA(Jennifer Alyx) and thought the voice cast was not that bad. Stick through the first 50 seconds, and you’ll hear why I thought so, around 00:58. Of course, people actually saying Fate instead of Feito(-chan!) feels weird to me, it’s rather good for a dub.

And here’s an abrupt ending to this post, because I’ve said everything I thought of in response to the review and my personal opinion of the dub. XD

RightStuf is made of awesome

14 12 2008

I’m just going, “HOLY FUCK!” after seeing the prices in the Bargain Bin.

For example, Mai HiMe DVDs. I posted about the Christmas special on the DVDs last year, but this year just blows it out of the water at around USD$3 per DVD.

Of course, these prices mean that most are sold out, but damn. It’s seriously cheap.

I continue to bemoan the lack of a credit card.

Site Issues

4 12 2008

Is anyone experiencing bolded fonts everywhere on this blog? I’m using Firefox 3, and everything except the newest posts is bolded, including tags, links and pretty much everything. :/

Random Stuff : Danny Choo in ST’s Urban

28 11 2008

What the title says. I’m unsure whether it’s been posted on Danny‘s own website, so no links.

My scanner is also spoiled, so no scans either. D:

But basically, it’s just a short description of Danny(and a mention of his father, Jimmy Choo), and the contents of his SGD$30 bag from Germany. There’s the Kagami figurine(figma, I think), Mac laptop, Animax notebook, namecard holder, Casio Win phone, Videocamera, Wallet and a Anime clock(featuring some girl from Clannad). I have the Hayate(from Nanoha) version myself.

After reading the section, I thought it gave off a pretty good impression of Danny and otakus in general.
Although, Danny Choo is probably the only person who dares to bring his figma out everywhere LOL, with the high casualty rate.

EDIT: It seems as if my detection of vaguely insulting sentences has hit another all time low. A.K.X.D posted up about this ST article too and well, just read his deconstruction of the article.

People who have become rich

27 11 2008

You know, I’ve always been envious of those people who are the real life examples of hard work and luck making you rich, people becoming “Nouveau riche“, or starring in their Cinderella style rags-to-riches sort of story.

But what exactly is this “Nouveau riche” and how is it defined in this current generation?

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3 days after AFA

26 11 2008

Just got back home, had an extended weekend trip with friends the next day after AFA.

And AFA08 was AWESOME, for a lack of any other word.

And a note before this goes on. There will be excessive use of the word AWESOME with regards to the May’N concert, very little pictures(actually, none at all) and a little ranting about improvements that could be made for the next AFA09.

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AFA08 tomorrow!

21 11 2008

I’m getting pumped up to buy loads of stuff, even though I’m sure I will be much deeper in debt after the first day LOL. Looking forward to collect my art loot from CDS. 😀

So, sadly, the other rumoured guest turned out to be the Aniki of the ani-song world, Mizuki Ichirou. The wrong Mizuki, I guess.
But it’s not too bad. Mizuki Ichirou is pretty much the biggest name anison singer that can be found, not to mention the fact that he’s the creator of JAM Project. His past concerts at US events like Otakon have always done well too.

I seem to be unable to write anything more than 200 words these few months. :/

So this is all, until AFA comes and I actually have some concrete material to work on. 😉